GYRN-S 3 Axis

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This cutting edge 3 axis gyro allows the dynamic behavior of the vehicle to be interpreted and checked by giving the 3 angular speeds – Yaw, Pitch and Roll. This Texys gyro uses cutting edge MEMS technology, combined with their own electronics to produce an unrivaled gyro sensor for accuracy, size and reliability.

The compensation temperature of up to 105°C enables our gyro to be used in extreme conditions. Customer selects the range of each of the gyros axes. Example: 50°/s for the pitch, 100°/s for the Yaw and 150°/s for the Roll. This would cover most of the applications in Single-seaters, Touring Cars, Rally, LMP and Moto GP. Other bespoke configurations for aeronautics applications are available on request. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.